A team of teenagers
Black Lives Matter!

Partners for Kids and Families, Inc., is a multicultural agency who embraces our Black community. We are committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and will rise above the current violence, systemic and historical racism that has impacted the Black community. We will not be silent as we work toward building a vibrant and supportive community with resilient youth in strong, loving families.

We Help Keep

kids at home, in school, and in the community.

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Partners for Kids and Families is a non-profit Care Management Organization (CMO) located in Burlington County, NJ.  We are part of the statewide Division of Children’s System of Care which offers services and support to youth with serious emotional and behavioral needs, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and substance use treatment needs.


Our mission is to build a sustainable team of community supports with families affected by the challenges of mental health, developmental disabilities, or substance use.


Our vision is to have a vibrant and supportive community with resilient kids in strong, loving families.